Album: Play your cards (2011)

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Song: Reality

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It was many years love of hardcoremusic and the hardcorescene in Denmark, and even more years of dedicated friendships, that made Morten, Jakob, Freese and Berlin create Earn Your Scars, in Spring 2008. After a lot of years playing in other bands, doing a lot of shows, and recorded a ton of demos, the EYS-members decided that it was time for a change. Because of the before-mentioned love for the hardcorescene and all that it represents, it came naturally to start up a hardcoreband. The goal was to bring back the pure hardcore as it is supposed to be, in a time where metal- and punkmusic is made into a trend and where emo-culture is accepted as a part of the hardcore game. It was time to take back the scene. Nothing more, nothing less.

Earn Your Scars represents Kolding and Fredericia in Jutland, Denmark and as a part of the FAF-crew the style and the genre is hardhitting hardcore without Swedish guitarriffs and singing in the chorus. Earn Your Scars plays fast and aggressive music with great 2-step parts and powerful breakdowns. The lyrics are mostly about friends, family, loyalty, love for the hardcore scene and standing up for what you believe in.

In Fall 2008, Earn Your Scars signed with the independent label "Schizophrenic Inc.", and went, in February, to the Smart'n'Hard productions in Århus to record the debutalbum "The World is Yours" which was released May 9th 2009. The music on the album may not be something new and may not be groundbreaking musically. The idea was, and still is, to create hardcore in its purest form which hardcore kids across the globe can identify and recognize. The summer 2010 Earn Your Scars recorded the MCD "Play Your Cards" at the Antfarm Studios in Århus, Denmark. In the autumn of 2010, the band thought it was time for something new, and brought in a second singer "Jelle(fra vejle af)", and has since then been working on new material, and tuoring.
In spite of the few years the band has existed, Earn Your Scars has played a ton of shows in Denmark, aswell in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands, with names like: Agnostic Front, CDC, Hoods, Lionheart, 25 ta Life, Disfear, Onesta, Through This Defiance, Skare Tactic, In Other Climes, etc ect.

Hardcore isn't all about the music. Its about having a good time, believing in yourself and always stepping up for your friends.